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Stop mosques being funded by countries that commit barbaric crimes against humanity.

Please send this letter with the Subject title "My Will" to Politicians at all levels of Government - Federal, State and Local.
(Registered Post is the Best method)

To The Honourable Member

I understand as a voter and Australian citizen it is my duty to inform you of my will.

My will is that you will stop Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries funding the building of mosques. With French Prime Minister Manuel Valls considering a ban on the foreign financing of mosques, the Australian government can take the lead on this issue. Saudi jihad through funding the expansion and influence of islam throughout the West must stop. moslem countries like Saudi Arabia that commit barbaric crimes against women and other crimes against humanity, must not be permitted to fund the expansion of islam in Australia.

I bring it to your attention honourable member, a mosque is not the same as a church or a temple or a synagogue. Its role reflects the claim by islam to be a whole of life system that goes well beyond the non-moslem concept of religion. The mosque leadership institutes, authorises and directs all islamic activity - economic, social, legal, cultural, religious, educational and above all, political.

The role of the mosque in the west was spelled out by the late king Fahd of Saudi Arabia, in his book 'The Efforts of the Servant of the Two Holy Places, King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, to support the moslem Minorities', as to be:
“A place to hinder assimilation of moslems into western society so they can act as a fifth column to bring victory against an infidel world.”

In Australia we have Vietnamese towns, Italian towns, Greek towns, Chinatown and so on. It is therefore quite normal to see the creation of moslem suburbs. Australians living in a foreign land would gather together in exactly the same manner.

However once we have a moslem dominated suburb, with a mosque that is teaching things totally foreign to Australian society and values, it is inevitable that some moslems will become radicalised. They are taught things totally foreign to our ways and learn that the law of Australia does not fit the idealised and utopian moslem society proclaimed in the mosque.

As a Federal politician you have a responsibility to stand up for the welfare of this nation and its people. The building of mosques across our nation is putting Australians at risk, both now and in the future.

Yours Sincerely

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