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No More Dhimmitude

Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-muslim populations conquered through jihad. Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam. 


However, in the West which has not yet been conquered by islam we have dhimmi's - people who appease islam with rules, regulations and the decisions they make. Most Western politicians are dhimmi's of islam and this explains why the growth, influence and demands of islam are increasing

in the West. 

It is national suicide when clueless and/or duped political leaders side with the enemies of the West by appeasing islam and bow to the left wing politically correct agenda.

Far too many dhimmified politicians are bringing sharia into the West, while the Muslim activists sit back and laugh, rubbing their hands with glee.



Flowers are laid in front of the Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray church, after the priest Jacques Hamel was killed during a hostage-taking attack claimed by Islamic State. (Pic: AFP/Charly Triballeau)

Eight arguments we use to excuse terrorism

by Laura McNally

Eight arguments we use to excuse terrorism

Argument 1: Islam has nothing to do with terrorism

Argument 2: Christianity is just as bad; it also has a history of violence

Argument 3: Muslim people are more likely to be killed in terrorism, hence terror is anti-Islam

Argument 4: Divisiveness about Islam will inspire more recruits to join terrorist groups

Argument 6: Most terrorist attacks are not committed by Islamic extremists

Argument 7: You are more likely to be killed driving a car, or from domestic violence

Argument 8: Not all Muslims commit terrorism. Most Muslims are peaceful people

Please not Article is titled 8 but Argument 5 was missing 

31 Psychological Defense Mechanisms Explained

A look at common defense mechanisms we employ to protect the ego

some of which are used to excuse the barbaric islamic cult.

Dhimmitude serves two purposes: It enriches the muslim masters AND serves to drive conversions to Islam.

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