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Tasks to work towards achieving Truthophobes Objective 5


TASK 1  - Speak the truth and share it with others

                "Speak the truth even if your voice shakes".


  Share the quality material from these links with others and awaken them to the truth                 (Truthophobes Community Page)   (Home Page of the Truthophobes Website)  (People must awaken to Cultural Marxism)   (Children must be protected)   (A Group to combat Get-Up Traitors)   The FREEDOM & HERITAGE Society of Australia LTD


TASK 3  - Expose the truth on media pages


TASK 4  - Expose mohammed's true character


TASK 5  - Communicate with politicians, organisations & individuals


TASK 8  - Join a Conservative Political Party


TASK 11 - Expose the truth using: the Truthophobes #Campaigns


TASK 17 - Expose the truth about the quran


TASK 18 - Advocate for the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood & Hizb ut-Tahrir


TASK 21 - Expose islams crimes and advocate islam is a political ideology with religious aspects and must lose its protection from                           Section 116 of the Australian Constitution. 

TASK 22 - Advocate for a Senate Inquiry into Sharia and awaken people to the threat of Sharia


TASK 33 - Stop the mosques.  Protect your local area and Speak up against corrupt councils and a government that permits the  

                 growth of sharia. 



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