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Paedophilia and the Left

Paedophiles aren't just another Cultural Marxist identified oppressed minority 

They are dangerous predators. 


  • Paedophiles want to engage in sexual acts with young children who don’t have the cognitive ability to understand what they are being asked to do. 


  • A person engaging in sexual acts with little people who don’t understand what is going on is rape.  


  • The left supports the acceptance of paedophilia, to use it as a tool to cause sexual anarchy, to break down Western morality.


  • The left aims to normalise psychological disorders such as homosexuality and paedophilia in order to serve the Cultural Marxist ideological agenda . An agenda which is to attack the institution of the family and destroy Judeo-Christian values, which are the foundations of Western civilisation.

​​ ​​

  • The risk of harm to young children must be a catalyst for Liberalists to awaken and unite with Conservatives to protect the innocence of children from sexual predators.


  • Liberalists and Conservatives must unite and stop the Cultural Marxist attack (which involves islam) on Western Civilisation or the West will fall to Communism.



Cultural Marxism
mohammed was a paedophile
Paedophilia and the left


Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society. 

The Marxist lefts push for paedophile acceptance is a battleground to awaken lefty Liberalists to the true aim of Cultural Marxism, which puts the drive for power before the welfare of people 


The Marxist left agenda of using identity politics to cause anarchy has gone too far for many Liberalists by pushing for the acceptance of pedosexuality. Marxists pushing to achieve political gain by attacking the institution of the family at the expense of putting innocent children at risk, has meant the left has extended itself beyond its support base, leaving it vulnerable to attack and defeat.


Left-wing Cultural Marxism by advocating the acceptance of paedophiles has exposed the immoral agenda and lack of concern the left has for humanity. The drive for power and using any immoral minority group as a tool to achieve the end goal of destroying institutions supporting Judeo-Christian Values, so Christianity falls and with it, Western Civilisation has been exposed.


Making Paedophilia an acceptable human condition as opposed to the psychological disorder that it is will sound alarm bells for liberalists concerning the true Cultural Marxist agenda 


Liberalists who care for and respect freedom of choice can justify the immorality of homosexuality as its two consenting adults with the maturity and knowledge base to make a decision.  Paedophiles, however, engage in sexual acts with young children who don’t have the cognitive ability to understand what they are being asked to do. Liberalists cannot justify and will not support pedosexuality. 


Liberalists will not support the Marxist drive to hurt children to achieve a political agenda and it is the battleground to awaken them to the true evils of islam where young moslem girls and boys are sexually molested as part of the islamic religion, as moslems emulate the actions of the prophet mohammed as ninety-one quranic verses tell them to.


The world's left, and left-leaning media, have created a more friendly world for anti-West hatreds like Marxism and islamism to flourish. When the liberal left awakens and supports the Western World, “as it did in World War II and the Korean War, both Marxism and Islamism will be defeated. The Marxist push to support the acceptance of paedophilia is the catalyst to awaken lefty liberalists to join with Conservatives to protect Western values. 


Time to awaken Liberalists to the truth of Cultural Marxism and  islam and protect little children.


A Core focus of the Truthophobes Group will be exposing and advocating against the lefts  Cultural Marxist agenda of pedophile acceptance and islams crimes against children





  • Protect Western values by exposing the true Cultural Marxist agenda of the left in promoting the acceptance of paedosexual behaviour.

  • Challenging moral Liberalists who love and care for children to awaken to the evils of Cultural Marxism

  • The UN's support for Paedosexual behaviour must be exposed

  • The UN supports the growth of islam as the One World Religion. islam is mohammed and mohammed was a paedophile.

  • Australia must leave the United Nations.  #AusEXIT


  • A religion that permits: child brides; sexual relations with children; genital mutilation (FGM) and other barbaric behaviours such as death to homosexuals, under its own law system (Sharia) must be challenged on its religious status. No other World religion behaves like this. islam is a political movement with religious aspects and must not be protected as a religion under Section 116 of the Australian Constitution.  

  • Exclude islam in its current form as it is “unsuitable” for Australian society. islam through its quran and various religious texts is incompatible with Australian law. A religion incompatible with Australian law must not be protected by religious freedom and must be excluded from Australian society.

  • islam has a central criminal nature. Committing the crime of killing non-believers is the only way for moslems to reach paradise.

  • For moslems Sharia law is recognised above Australian law. islams crimes against children are further evidence how islam is incompatible with Australian law and must not be protected by religious freedom, but instead excluded from Australian Society.   


  • Expose the truth about mohammed to awaken people to the truly evil character of the false prophet of islam.

  • Challenge the moslem view point that mohammed is the perfect man.

mohammed and little Aisha - This is what many moslem men do today as they emulate the actions of mohammed


"There is a simple, but highly explicit, way to evaluate the importance of mohammed’s marriage to Aisha. We must begin by trying to get a mental picture of a morally perfect man. For moslems, this will include all the things they have been taught about mohammed. According to their picture, he is kind, generous, patient, humble, and trustworthy. He protects orphans and widows, endures persecution, helps the needy, and promotes justice. He prays faithfully, fasts regularly, and obeys God in everything. He is loyal to his friends and patient with his enemies. He never gives in when tempted with evil. Now we must picture that same man in a room with an innocent little girl. He takes away her doll, climbs on top of her, and puts his penis inside her. She doesn’t know what is happening because she is too young to know much about sex. Frightened and confused, she cries because of the pain and bleeds on her bed, but she tries to remain quiet out of respect for her new husband, who, in return, endangers her life.


If a person is able to keep the same vision of moral perfection throughout that description, he may have the faith necessary to be a moslem. But if his vision of the perfect man is at odds with what mohammed did on numerous occasions, he will need to look elsewhere for an ideal human being".


David Wood - Was Muhammed a Pedophile


  • Expose to Liberalists the hypocrisy of a left-wing Feminist Movement that is focused on advocating hatred to white men and Christians, however ignoring islams crimes against little girls and women.


  • Challenge vocal feminist man haters as to what is their real agenda in attacking white men, whilst ignoring the sexual abuse of children by islam.


  • Expose left-wing feminists on how Marxist politics comes before the welfare of little girls and women.



  • Expose islams crimes (the crimes of mohammed) against children and because of these crimes, advocate to exclude islam in its current form as it is “unsuitable” for Australian society. islam through its quran and various religious texts is incompatible with Australian law. A religion incompatible with Australian law must not be protected by religious freedom and must be excluded from Australian society. 


  • Advocate based on islams crimes that islam to be reclassified from a religion to a  political movement with religious aspects, taking away its protection under the Australian Constitution.

Supreme Court: Islam, Humanism not protected by law

In 1982 the subject of Religion in Australia was investigated by the Supreme Court in Victoria. The practice of a religion if it offends the ordinary laws of Australia (as many of Islamic practices do), is no longer has immune under “freedom of religion”. In other words moslems can and should be challenged at law for going outside our laws.

Criminal islam


  • Expose and disgrace any media agency supporting the act of paedophilia or showing compassion to these perverted psychopaths.

The far left media have been pushing sympathy for paedophilia for years. CNNthe New York TimesSalonPsychology TodayVICEForbesJezebelEureka Streetthe AtlanticSalon againJewish Press and the Toronto Star have all run pieces expressing sympathy for paedophilia or arguing it should be considered simply another ‘sexual orientation’.

Reference  Why are so many leftists paedophiles?


Send a MY WILL letter informing politicians that you care about little girls as they suffer sexual abuse as child brides from the islamic ideology.

MY WILL Stop islamic paedophilia