Let’s see what left wing oppressed group is the highest priority for the Cultural Marxist airline of Australia -
islam or gays.

QANTAS is currently attempting to hijack free speech, as it pushes its Marxist homosexual agenda in Australia. Show us 
your not a hypocrite Alan Joyce by flying your gay plane to islamicWhy does QANTAS do business deals

withislamic nations that kill or abuse homosexuals?

Australians must boycott QANTAS, as it is no longer an airline for Australia with its support of the Cultural Marxist political agenda.

QANTAS - Focus on Flying and stay out of politics or we the people will bring you crashing down 

Qantas, once a proud Australian icon has become a political tool of Cultural Marxists. Australians must boycott Qantas until it puts more focus into keeping planes in the sky and not crashing our nation with its left wing political agenda. @RealMarkLatham @Alan Jones

From Truthophobes Twitter

Qantas derided as the 'flying Mosque-a-roo' over pork ban  Read more:



If QANTAS wants to marginalise Christians for their beliefs and take away their free speech, it’s time Christians peacefully objected.


52% of the population boycotting the market might shut QANTAS and its Left Wing boss Alan Joyce up.



We need the pieman back to shut up the gay political dribble coming from the Cultural Marxist CEO of QANTAS Alan Joyce. 

QANTAS once a proud Australian icon, now just a leftist organisation focused on hurting this nation with its Cultural Marxist political agenda.

If you care about Australia choose another airline.

QANTAS who put pressure on the Australian Rugby Union to sack Israel Folau, by threatening to withdraw sponsorship, must stop making money with flights to Islamic nations and Islamic business deals.

QANTAS must show they are not a hypocritical business by dissolving its business partnership with Emirates.  Emirates is owned by the government of Dubai.


 Article 177 of the Penal Code of Dubai imposes imprisonment of up to 10 years on consensual sodomy. The most common depiction in the local media of LGBT people involves foreigners, disease, and sex crimes such as rape. Penalty: Imprisoment, death penalty, fines, chemical castrations, torture, beatings, flo... Status: Illegal: Islamic Sharia Law is applied Gender identity: Intersex people may "correct" their sex but sex changes are still illegal Recognition of relationships: No recognition of same-sex relationships

If Israel Folau as a Christian can’t speak up against sins in the bible, which includes homosexuality, QANTAS must not be doing business deals with Islamic governments who kill or abuse homosexuals.


Dear Sir/Madam


I am disgusted and disappointed in the position Rugby Australia and the Australian Rugby Union has publicly declared in relation to Israel Folau.


As a result of your treatment of Israel Folau and how the ARU bows to the hypocritical agenda of sponsor QANTAS, I will not be taking my family to any rugby union games whilst ever Israel Folau is banned from playing. I will no longer follow rugby union or watch any televised events involving Australian rugby union teams. I know my stance is shared by many people across Australia and I believe a very large number of supporters of rugby union will now walk away from the game as a result of the way ARU is treating Israel Folau. 


In a free society Israel Folau has the right to express his opinion in his personal environment. The post made on social media was clearly a personal expression from Israel Folau and could not in anyway be misinterpreted as being a representation of the ARU or Rugby Australia. Folau was not wearing anything linking him with the ARU and the comment was not during any ARU event or at a time he was acting as a brand ambassador. It would appear the ARU does not support free speech. Banning someone from playing rugby and earning an income.

Israel Folau should not be banned for expressing a genuine religious belief, one which is held by many Christians and also those of other faiths.


The authoritarian desire to impose ideological orthodoxy on Australians is demonstrated by the hypocritical sponsor of the Wallabies, QANTAS. QANTAS announced in relation to Folau’s expression of personal opinion “These comments are really disappointing and clearly don’t reflect the spirit of inclusion and diversity that we support.” This is hypocritical of QANTAS to say they believe in diversity and then condemn someone for expressing a religious viewpoint. Even more hypocritical is how QANTAS has formed business relationships with airlines such as Qatar Airways and Emirates. Both of these airlines are owned and operated by repressive regimes which impose severe and barbaric punishments on homosexuals. Qatar imprisons those deemed guilty of homosexual acts and the United Arab Emirates (of which Dubai is a part) punishes homosexuality with the death penalty. I and my family will no longer be choosing QANTAS for any future air travel - in fact, we will actively pursue alternatives regardless of the financial cost of doing so. The QANTAS, ARU and Wallabies names have now been tainted to a degree that makes it unacceptable for myself or my family to associate with these organisations in any way.


If the ARU is going to ban Israel Folau for expressing his opinion based on his Christian religious beliefs, I expect the ARU to show the same objective approach to social media comments made by all other contracted players. Should any rugby player make an offensive comment against Christians or the Christian faith, I expect the ARU to act in a similar fashion. If the ARU is unaware of any such offensive comments which have been made by contracted players, I am happy to provide details and the list is very long. The ARU must also apply the same objective rationale to the selection of sponsors they engage with. The ARU must not be associated with an airline that makes money from business deals with nations that imprison and kill homosexuals which means the ARU must sever all ties with QANTAS immediately.


Your coach of the Wallabies team said today "When you play in the gold jersey, we’re representing everyone in Australia — everyone that’s out there supporting us. We don’t pick and choose." I find this very ironic when by your very actions against Israel Folau you are now excluding a very large portion of society who agree with Folau's comments. Michael Cheika also said “everybody has the right to believe (in what they want) and we respect that right. We’re not moral judges and no one should be”. Can you please explain how Mr Cheika and the ARU rationalise comments such as this with the expressed desire to terminate Folau's playing contract???


Israel Folau's social media comments were not hateful, homophobic, judgemental or vindictive. Folau's comment expresses the very core of the Christian faith in that we are all sinners (do things wrong, make mistakes, make poor choices) and according to Christian teaching (and several other religions including Islam and Judaism) sinners cannot enter Heaven which means they will go to Hell. Yet our loving God does not want ANYONE to be separated from Him and end up in Hell. All us sinners need to do is accept God's love and forgiveness and this is what Israel Folau was saying. Folau shared a Bible verse which presents a loving God pleading and hoping that people will turn to Him.

I find it abhorrent that your organisation can choose to vilify, denigrate, discriminate against and exclude a person based on their personal religious belief. It is my hope that the ARU will become aware of their hypocrisy and recognise their behaviour as being inappropriate and completely uncalled for.

Yours sincerely