Questions to moslems

(1) Do you think it's ok to KILL non Muslims for ANY reason?

(2) Do you think that people who convert out of Islam (apostates) should be KILLED? 

(3) Do you think gays and lesbians should be KILLED? 

(4) Do you think that anyone who criticizes the Quran or Prophet Mohamed should be KILLED? 

(5) Do you think non Muslim women who do not wear hijab or a head covering deserve to be raped and enslaved?

(6) Do you support polygamy?

(7) Do you think that women should not have equal rights as men? 
*Do you think girls should not be educated? 
*Do you think that there should be no minimum age limit for a girl to be married? 
*Do you think a women should have 2 or 4 witness to prove that she has been raped? 
*Do you support Female Genital Mutilation? 
*Do you believe in the segregation of the sexes during meetings, prayers etc? 
*Do you believe in HONOR KILLING of women who have pre or extra marital relationships? 

(8) Do you think Muslims, if they are a majority in any part of a country or state have a right to impose their food laws on Halal and not eating pork, not drinking alcohol, fasting during Ramadan, etc on NON Muslims? 


(9) Do you think that Sharia law is above the law of the land in which you live? 

(10) Do you support the formation of an Islamic Caliphate?

(11) If Mohammed was truly a Prophet how come he didn't foretell his own death? (Jesus did) 

(12) How come Mohammed was murdered by a Jewess ? 

(13) Do the Jews have a right to live in Israel in peace; after all the Abrahamic covenant was extended through Isaac's lineage, not Ishmael's? 

(14) If a true Muslim is to emulate Mohammed, what would his answers be ?

Questions courtesy of a fellow patriot.