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The hysteria over racism is a fever pitch these days but what is racism. If we drill down, we can see that it is not what it is portrayed to be.

Racism should be defined as discrimination against people on the basis of their race, or ethnic origin.

Instead, it is commonly understood to only mean “discrimination against people who are not white. This is an important distinction.

We can see this clearly when people talk about reverse racism meaning to discriminate against white people. Why is discrimination against called “reverse racism?” Why isn’t it just called “racism?”

The reason is that they are not the same thing. Racism will see you fired from your job. Racism may even see you prosecuted or imprisoned. Reverse racism…..well, not so much. No one will lose their job for accusing white people of being the most evil people in the world.

No one will be prosecuted for saying that Tibet should belong to the Tibetans, that South Africa should belong to the black Africans, that Palestine should belong to the Palestinians. Try saying however that England should belong to the English or that Australia should belong to Australians, and you will find yourself in deep water.

This is highly hypocritical. Why is it OK to be racist against white people but not against anyone else? This clear bias not only shows the hypocrisy of those promoting the lie, it also puts whites as a victim class deserving of sympathy.

This narrative is being pushed by members of other ethnicities who all claim the right to lobby for their own ethnic interests but scream “racism” when white people try to promote their own ethnic interests. Why is it ok for Jews to complain about anti-semitism, for Muslims to complain about Islamophobia, for Africans to complain about racism, yet it is racist for white people to complain about being discriminated against.

Exposing this hypocrisy is important, as the charge of racism has paralysed people from fighting back against the devastation which has been wrought on our nations. Every evil, from mass immigration of unassimilable people to the suppression of free speech has been enabled by the fear people have of being called racist.

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The Anti-White Mindset

The anti-white mentality is a core belief that white people are essentially evil and that they are the root cause of most of the world’s problems in one way or another. People with this mindset have been conditioned (usually their whole life) into this state of mind, as an anti-white mindset is largely the result of years of indoctrination, primarily induced by mass media and the educational systems in the West.


A Contradictory Mindset

As the anti-white mentality is more often than not subconscious, most anti-whites (or even people in general) fail to see the many contradictions inherent to it.


Anti-whites have no problem identifying who is white when they refer to negative circumstances (when they want to talk about slavery or racial discrimination for example), whether they are historical or contemporary, but as soon as someone opposes mass immigration (into all & only white majority countries) they suddenly have a hard time identifying who is white.


They either start to deny the existence of white people by claiming that “we all bleed red, “the only race is the human race”, or by demanding you to define “who is white?”, which they have no problem doing in negative contexts. It certainly is a slanted world view.


They justify non-stop immigration, to the point where we are becoming a minority, by claiming that “skin colour doesn’t matter”, whilst at the same time calling for a melting pot of racial diversity in all white/western countries.


They declare their love for “diversity”, but at the same time they proclaim that “we are all the same” and that we should become a “blended humanity”.


They say they love “multiculturalism”, but at the same time they strive to make every country indistinguishable. Sweden is no longer “Swedish”, France is no longer “French”, Britain is no longer “British”. They are all “multicultural societies”.


They claim that they are standing up for equal rights, but at the same time they deny white people their right to their own homelands.


According to the anti-white mindset, only white people can be “racist”.


You never hear anyone who calls themselves “anti-racist” accuse an African person of being “racist” for not wanting African countries to become non-African. You never hear them scream “nazi” at Japanese people for wanting Japan to be predominately Japanese.


If Senegal was to close its borders tomorrow, none of the anti-whites would bat an eyelid, but if Germany chose to close its borders, we all know what reaction they would have.


It is a “white countries for Everybody” principle that they abide by.

Anti-whites themselves believe that they are on the side of good standing up for equal rights, but in reality all their arguments and reasoning always end up at the same conclusion: white people are bad and anyone who does not agree that we should become minorities in our own countries is a “naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews”.

This is the reason why they are in fact anti-white. And it is our job to remind them of that.


Challenge people with an anti-white mindset by pointing out their contradictions in order to reveal their anti-white way of thinking and their justifications for a world without white people. 


Don't debate them, it is a matter of pointing out their contradictions in order to reveal their anti-white way of thinking. This can be done by exposing their conscious or subconscious anti-white intention and by putting them on the defensive by taking over the moral high ground.


How do you approach people with an anti-white mindset?


First of all, understand that these people are not good, they are anti-white and their (subconscious) intention is to justify our people becoming a minority in our own countries. Everything they say essentially leads to a world without white people.


Secondly, understand that since they have been conditioned all their lives, they are not interested in having a discussion or a debate. You will never be able to convince these people with logic or reason.


Instead of trying to debate them, it is a matter of pointing out their contradictions in order to reveal their anti-white way of thinking. This can be done by exposing their conscious or subconscious anti-white intention and by putting them on the defensive by taking over the moral high ground. What we mean by that is to make people understand that although they claim to be “good anti-racists” they are in reality just anti-white, since all their arguments leads back to the point that they are trying to justify a world without white people. 


It does not matter if they agree or disagree with you, as long as the discussion revolves around your talking points it will be to your advantage, since the more something is discussed, the more it will become normalised and become acknowledged in people’s minds. That is the reason why reporters and news anchors very rarely talk about the consequences of immigration and other related topics.

They do not want people to think or talk about it, and they certainly do not want people to react and stand against it.


It is about planting a seed and moving things from the subconscious to the conscious.


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