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'Halal awareness week'


Commencing 11am Saturday 5th November to 10th November 

Task 1    Flyers:  ' Have you paid your HALAL TAXES today?



Please download and print flyer here:

Please note:
The Senate handed down their seven recommendations to the Ministers on 1 December 2015. No action has been taken by the government to date.  On speaking to Minister Barnaby Joyce's staff today, we were advised the response time is between 3 months and 3 years 

80% of all senate recommendations don't get implemented by the Government.


  • The Third Party Food Labeling Senate Enquiry cost taxpayers huge amounts of money.

  • This enquiry MUST result in action by the government.

  • It is a waste of taxpayers money and a betrayal of the will of the people when the government ignores their concerns.

Please use the flyer and letter-box, hand out to friends and family and share with others




TASK 2    MEME to post and share on Facebook - NOW.

Link to meme is here:

Lets keep this moving all over the internet via social media.;
Please 'tag' the ministers responsible for taking action:

  • Minister Barnaby Joyce

  • Minister Sussan Ley

  • Minister Greg Hunt

  • Minister Steve Ciobo


                                                        This is the 'sharp end ' of the business folks!

STARTING NOW....We ask all members to write to their local Federal Members, plus the four (4) ministers tasked with the implementation of the senate enquiry recommendations.


Please note it is important to write a letter in your OWN WORDS!


Hon. Barnaby Joyce, MP
Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources
Po Box 6022
Parliament House
ACT 2600

Dear Minister Joyce


Re: Economic References Committee - Third Party Certification of Food, December 2015

This above committee was responsible for investigating the labeling of ALLfood products and in particular ' Halal Certification' of products, including food, packaging, personal hygiene and animal feed. 

The Review Committee made seven recommendations. Details can be found in the link below:

Can you please advise which of these recommendations your department has acted on, and if not when the Australian public can expect to see changes to the labeling of all Halal Certified goods to give consumers a choice. 

The Australian public need to have confidence that the Government is working to protect the rights of ALL Australians, with the exclusion of none. Halal Certification is NOT required or wanted by non-Muslims who represent the majority of the Australian population.

Yours sincerely


( your name)................................................
( your address)............................................
(your phone contact)....................................

Email contacts are below:

Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP
Hon. Sussan Ley MP
Hon Greg Hunt MP
Hon. Steve Ciobo MP

Address details for posting hard copy letters can be found here:

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