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Send a letter exposing the bigotry and hypocrisy of Father Rod Bower to the head of the Anglican Church

Use this letter to help you that has been personally sent to him.


3 Mann Street, Gosford New South Wales 2250

Dear Father Rod,

Seeing as you are a Christian leader I feel your use of the Gosford Anglican Church as a platform for political activism is completely inappropriate and hypocritical because you call people bigots when it is you who appear to be the bigot by your attack and name calling of those who have differing views. One of your billboard signs states Boycott The Bigots And Bullies Buy Halal, does this mean you are calling anyone who doesn’t want to buy halal a bigot or a bully? Is that not the definition of bigotry itself, assuming that the only reason people would not wish to buy halal is because they are bullies or bigoted? Most people I know who choose to buy non halal do so because they don’t want to pay a tax on something they don’t require, this is a valid viewpoint and should not be labelled as bigoted or bullying. In actuality calling people names who refuse to buy halal is bullying. Again you are guilty of what you falsely call others.

Another of your billboards states No Harmony When We Insult Intimidate Humiliate Offend, again this is hypocritical because your billboards frequently insult those who have opposing views, are these people subhuman to you, don’t they have a right to their opinion without being insulted for it, don’t they have a right to “harmony” or is harmony only for people who agree with you? One billboard stated Pauline Hanson Please Don’t Ask Me To Do Your Evil, God and another Hansonism Greatest Threat To National Security. Stating such absurdities about Pauline Hanson shows that you believe it is fine to insult and offend people that you disagree with.

Another of your billboards states Bless The Burqa, in polar opposition to your other billboard which states We Are A Feminist Church, this shouldn’t surprise me because you probably choose to believe the burqa is a choice for most Muslim women and therefore the burqa is very “feminist.” The evidence suggests otherwise, many Muslim women who have gone out without the burqa or niqab have had their faces burned with acid as punishment. Therefore you are asking God to bless an instrument of control, suppression and abuse of women. Hardly something a Christian leader should be promoting.

After the Palm Sunday attack on Egyptian Copts your billboard stated Standing With The Coptic Christians, in the commentary you wrote “We must however be on guard that the islamaphobes are not allowed to play into ISIS's hands and blame Muslims in general for this crime.” It seems that after every slaughter at the hands of Muslim extremists there is a rush to “guard against” any criticism of the ideology responsible lest it give Islamic terrorist groups all the more reason to justify their next massacre. This is one of the main reasons WHY Islamic scripture and the example of the prophet must be discussed honestly to see where these barbarians get their ideas from to terrorize people who are critical of Islam or are of another faith. By labelling those who have valid criticism of Islam as Islamophobes you are hindering the process of finding a solution to the very REAL problem of Muslims persecuting those of other faiths such as the Copts you claim to stand with. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours faithfully, 

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