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Cultural Marxism
Cultural Marxism

Learn what same sex marriage did to Massachusetts


Learn about the aggressive political agenda behind same sex marriage


To see the real effects of redefining marriage, look no further than Canada. Regardless of whether one is for or against redefining the traditional definition of marriage in Australia, it is impossible to deny that the majority of Canadians have lost their fundamental rights as a result marriage being redefined.

In Canada, freedoms of speech, press and religion have suffered greatly. If one says or writes anything considered "homophobic", anything questioning same sex marriage, one could face discipline, termination of employment, and/or prosecution by the government.

First and foremost, it drastically changed the way in which parenthood was defined, and tacitly states that children have no right to their biological roots:  

Canada's gay marriage law, Bill C-38, included a provision to erase the term "natural parent" and replace it across the board with gender-neutral "legal parent" in federal law.

Now all children only have "legal parents", as defined by the state. In effect, same-sex marriage not only deprives children of their own rights to natural parentage, it gives the state the power to override the autonomy of biological parents, which means parental rights are usurped by the government. 

Second, fair business is all but obliterated, as companies and organisations which refuse to side with the LGBTI lobby continue to being taken to court for ‘discrimination’. 

As for talk about how a shop (read wedding cake shop) would not make a same-sex wedding cake they should be fined. This is the rubbish that the left carries on with. A business should be able to retain the right to refuse service on principle. If only one wedding cake shop existed in Australia as a monopoly, this view would be valid.

Our democracy, with many businesses available to service customers, anyone seeking a service, will find a business that will service their needs. The LGBTQ should respect that some will refuse service on principle, and just accept it, without ranting and raving and wanting to change laws.

The burden and damage of redefining marriage is clearly being felt by the Canadian people ­– but the grievance do not end there. In late October of 2016, Canadian Senate passed Bill C-16, which stands as the beginning of an end to free speech for the country. 


The Canadian Senate passed Bill C-16 by a 67-11 vote. The bill adds prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act, amends the criminal code to extend protections against hate speech and allows judges to take into consideration when sentencing whether a crime was motivated by hatred of the victim’s gender identity or expression.

The eleven members of Senate who opposed the bill predict that the only thing that will come from it is the loss of freedom for the common man:

During the Senate hearings, opponents of the bill gave testimony against it, arguing it undermines free speech, “criminalizes” incorrect pronoun use and threatens “women only” spaces such as rape crisis centers.

The same-sex marriage lobby has come out in droves across the world to hammer into people that “the only people redefining marriage affects are same-sex couples”. But the facts prove otherwise, as the majority of Canadians are refused their fundamental rights. Unable to access their biological roots, practice free market in a supposedly free market society, or speak out on any gender related issues without being ‘discriminatory’, they have been forced to their knees at the bequest of a tiny minority.

There is no doubt that if the silent majority of Australians does not stand against the redefinition of marriage, we will inevitably be forced to relinquish our dearest rights to a demanding few.

Same Sex Marriage



This documentary tells the truth about the Cultural Marxist agenda to break down the traditional institution of Marriage, and the truth about the very dangerous program of the Safe Schools agenda, this is just another step in the path of the breakdown of our Judo/Christian Western Civilisation.

Socialism and Communism do not work, the breakdown of the Soviet Union is the best example. By stealth the Greens, Labor and the Left Wing of the Liberal Party are taking us down this path through Gay Marriage ,Climate Change, Safe Schools, open immigration, by supporting all the groups that actually want to destroy our current way of life, such as Islam.

"There is nothing homophobic about supporting traditional marriage." - John Howard, former Australian Prime Minister


There is nothing homophobic about supporting traditional marriage." - Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

​Please do not be intimidated or cowed into thinking you cannot speak up for traditional marriage and for family and for children. You can and you should. There is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking up in the face of this attack on our society's foundations.

Speak boldly for your children's sake and your grandchildren's sake. When future generations see the consequential fruit of destroying traditional marriage and teaching children to accept and try depraved sex acts in school sex-ed classes they will ask: "Why did our parents and grandparents allow this?"

​It is a bad idea. People who enter into homosexual relationships have full equality under Australian law already. They can do what they like. Over 80 pieces of legislation have already been passed to grant full equality to their relationships in the eyes of the law. They are free to enter into what ever sorts of relationships they choose with no discrimination whatsoever. That is up to them and people are generally not too worried about that.

​​But it is not marriage. Marriage is something very different. Marriage is simply a man and a woman coming together promising to remain faithful to each other at the exclusion of all others, and to build society through having children (if possible) and loving and protecting those children in the structure best designed for doing so.

​People are free to behave however they want and reap the consequences of their actions, as applies to all of us, however they are not free to impose gay sex on children, effectively grooming them to become gay or gay activists. Surely not without a fight at least.

​They are also not free to donate their blood according to the Red Cross and FDA, because it is deemed at a high risk of being contaminated with diseases which will wreak havoc on our communities. Therefore they should be required to give disclaimers in their campaigns to normalize and promote their unusual, unnatural and unhealthy sexual activity. 

​Every child needs a Mum and a Dad. A man simply cannot be a mother and a woman just cannot be a father. For the sake of children and our society, marriage deserves to be preserved.

Australians should not even be asked to have to choose to change marriage. It simply is what it is. Those proposing to make the change do not even want to debate the merits of what they propose. They just want to impose it.

They have taken away valuable parliamentary time and resources over many years trying unsuccessfully to change marriage laws. They have had their say. They are the ones now forcing tax-payers to bear the cost of a plebiscite. They should do the honorable thing and concede that they already have equality and for the sake of national unity, for the
sake of children, they should abandon their selfish quest. 

Ten Arguments From Social Science Against Same-Sex Marriage

By Family Research Council

Dear Gay Community: YourKids are Hurting

LGBTQIA glossary: Common gender and sexuality terms explained

The Facts on Homosexuality

A small percentage of the population has this problem, there are much bigger issues needing attention other than same sex people wanting to call what they do a marriage.


Gay people mock the mainstream and they think they are mainstream as they try desperately to align themselves with mainstream people. They won't, they can't and they never will. Their life will never be normal thats why they can never call it a marriage. They can call it something but it will never be a marriage. They call it out as marriage equality, my marriage of many many years is equal and always has been, they can never understand that, but their rhetoric suggests it is unequal and that by some different role in nature they think their life will be more equal than mine. It never will. Gender is not fluid, the science is settled by chromosomes based on a scientific fact, transgender is a made up word to suit a trend and the word gay was stolen from "Noddy" books.


Gay people and gay marriage make children second class citizens who must sacrifice their relationship with a mother or father in order to protect adult relationships.

These are the facts from recent studies that need to accompany all discussion on LGBTI life choices.
1. Gay men live 20 years less than their opposite sex counterparts.
2. Suicide in gay couples is 300% higher than opposite sex couples.
3. Domestic Violence is up to 300% higher in same sex coupling.
4. Children of same sex couples are 200% more depressed.

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