To the Minister for Foreign Affairs


Ms Julie Bishop


I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before parliament, or that should come before parliament.


IT IS MY WILL that you take immediate action to condemn the treatment of White South African farmers.


Every day white farmers are being killed however your office makes no comment or recommendations to the UN to become involved.


Whites in South Africa face uncompensated land seizure, as recently amended by law—a move drawing comparisons to early Zimbabwe, and putting the fate of South Africa’s white population in question.


In Zimbabwe, this kind of policy caused steady economic decline, deindustrialization, a loss of export revenue from agriculture, an unemployment rate that reached 90 percent. The policies caused an estimated $20 billion in economic loss.


Do you intend to just wait to the whole South African nation is starving before involving Australia with tax payers money to fund relief so the people don’t starve.


White lives do matter Ms Bishop and as Foreign Affairs Minister you have an obligation to speak up on behalf of persecuted minority groups.


It is My Will that you speak up against the killing of White Farmers and the confiscation of their lands.


Yours faithfully

(signed with your full name, address and date, as legal evidence that you are a constituent).