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Government Funding of islamic Schools 

The education of moslems appears to be a Government priority


Please send a message to the Prime Minister, your Federal MP and Corey Bernardi concerning government funding of islamic schools, particularly schools involved in fraudulent activities.


Please use this MyWill letter as a platform to write your own letter on the above issue and challenge why the government is allowing islamic schools superior funding to the State Schools and other Religious schools  (Please refer to the meme)


Prime Minister Mr M Turnbull,
House of Representatives Parliament House
PO Box 6022
Canberra ACT 2600


Dear Mr Turnbull,

I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before Parliament, or should come before Parliament.


It is MY WILL that you take immediate action to halt the instigation of refunding of Islamic Colleges that have been under investigation for fraudulent activities. Education Minister Simon Birmingham has announced our Government has approved funding for – the Islamic College of Brisbane, Langford Islamic College in Perth and the Islamic College of Melbourne. A decision on a further Islamic College in South Australia for refunding is to be made in coming weeks.


It is MY WILL that you protect the citizens of Australia by not refunding these institutions on their promise to reform their ways of governance failures and financial mismanagement. It is at best a flimsy brush off of Australian law. It is MY WILL that you uphold Australian law


You were elected to represent and protect the people of Australia. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the majority of our current politicians are neglectful in their duties in protecting the citizens of Australia from the Islamic Ideology/Cult.


In contrast you are quick to act on an Australian citizen Clive Palmer for mismanagement and have him in court. It is MY WILL that you apply the same Australian laws to the Islamic school debacle.


Australian culture is unique. It is MY WILL that you take care of our citizens and Indigenous people as your priority. It is blatantly obvious that five of the wealthiest Muslim countries – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain have not resettled any Muslim refugees. They have the wealth and the room to take them. Islamic infrastructure is already there.


2016 is an election year and Australia will be voting for our future politicians. Protecting Australia and its’ citizens from Islam will be an election issue and I respectfully ask that you stand up and be counted in preventing the Islamisation of this nation of ours Australia. I would appreciate a personal reply to my letter stating what your position is on this issue and how you have acted on this letter.


Yours sincerely




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