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​My Will - Stop Gender Identity Politics in Schools
Truthophobes Aim 3
Truthophobes Objective 1

Dear Prime Minister, Premier, Federal / State Member of Parliament and Education Minister


I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before parliament, or that should come before parliament.


IT IS MY WILL that you take immediate action to stop Marxists in the education system abusing young vulnerable children with gender identity politics.


As a concerned citizen, I am very disturbed to hear that teachers are now being taught to spot potential transgender students in the classroom — with experts claiming the move has contributed to a 236 per cent surge in the number of kids wanting to change sex in the past three years. The training has been conducted by gender identity experts in public and private primary and secondary schools under the guise of professional standards development.


This has nothing to do with the welfare of children. This is nothing other than adults grooming children. This is about despicable adults. This is Cultural Marxists by stealth, attacking the institution of the family to steal the innocence of children by putting their radical ideological ideas into the heads of vulnerable young minds. This is about recruiting children for a lifetime of sexual, mental, emotional and psychological confusion and turmoil.


Now we officially have in Australia the institutional grooming of children. Taxpayers are officially funding institutional child abuse. Now we actually have teachers who should be teaching children how to read and write, but instead are on a trans witch-hunt, seeking vulnerable kids to push the dangerous and high risk agenda on them.


It is My Will that your government intervene to protect children and the institution of the family from the Marxist agenda our children are being indoctrinated with, by left wing dominated education systems in all States and Territories.


“We do not need ‘gender whisperers’ in our schools. Let kids be kids.”





Yours faithfully

(signed with your full name, address and date, as legal evidence

that you are a constituent).


Address for the Prime Minister of Australia


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Cultural Marxism
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