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Strategic Rules to Achieve Great Victories against Globalism, Marxism and Islam

Rule 1     Use the entire force with the utmost energy

Rule 2     Concentrate Power against the decisive weak point

Rule 3     Never Waste Time

Rule 4     Follow up successes with the utmost energy moving to the next tactical focus target area



Rule 1  Use the entire force with the utmost energy


"Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination."


  • Patriots must work as a united force with energy focused on a decisive aim.​​


  • The decisive aim in the war against Globalism, Marxism and Islam is to "Challenge/Awaken Liberalists and empower Conservatives to speak up and both unite as a powerful force against the attack on Western countries by Globalists, Marxists and Islam, which threaten a nations sovereignty, freedoms, values, culture and the safety of the people".


  • Liberalists must awaken how Globalism, Marxism and Islam do not support the core principles of Liberalism – liberty (freedom) and equality.



"There comes a time when silence is betrayal"  Martin Luther King Jr

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything"  Albert Einstein 

"For evil to triumph, it is only necessary for good men to do nothing" Edmund Burke 




Rule 2  Concentrate Power against the decisive weak point


"The concentration of force at a decisive point is the first and highest principle of war"


  • Patriots must unite and focus with strength against a decisive weak point where the chief blows are to be delivered and to incur disadvantages elsewhere, so that the chances of success may increase at the decisive point. This will compensate for all other disadvantages. 


  • The patriot movement has spread itself to thin and needs to focus on key target areas to achieve great victories. In war, the side that is surrounded by the enemy is better off than the side which surrounds its opponent, especially with equal or even weaker forces.


Decisive Weak Point 1 - The physical and mental abuse of children by Globalists, Cultural Marxists and Islam.


  • Awaken Liberalists by exposing Islam's abuse of children as moslems who are told 91 times in the Quran emulate the actions of mohammed who married a six-year-old and raped her at the age of nine.




Decisive Weak Point 2 - The abuse and killing of women and children by Islam which Globalists and Cultural Marxists don’t                                              publically condemn.

  • Awaken Liberalists by exposing the true character of mohammed and his crimes against humanity as documented in the Quran and Sunna.

  • Awaken Liberalists by exposing the silence of the left-wing Feminist movement to Islams crimes against women and children.

  • Awaken moslems to the true character of mohammed through his treatment of women, children and other crimes.



Decisive Weak Point 3 - Exposing the hypocrisy of racism where the discrimination against people on the basis of their race,

                                         or ethnic origin is legally and socially permitted against white people.  

  • Awaken Liberalists, many who have white children, how the Globalist and Marxist racism agenda is hypocritical and serves to disadvantage and harm the welfare of their own children.    


  • Empower Conservatives to speak up against the hypocrisy, as the charge of racism has paralysed people from fighting back against the devastation which has been wrought on our nations. Every evil, from mass immigration of unassimilable people to the suppression of free speech has been enabled by the fear people have of being called racist.





Rule 3  Never Waste Time


  • Lack of focus on identified decisive weak points to achieve a decisive aim with force and determination is a key reason for the patriot movement being relatively ineffective. Lacking understanding of the core issues, strategic direction and self-discipline many patriots waste time, energy and resources, whilst having little or no impact or influence on protecting or changing the status quo.


Areas where patriots waste copious amounts of time.


  • Targetting issues currently of limited concern to Liberalists.


         Example - Halal Certification

At present protesting against halal certification has been ineffective to awaken Liberalists to the evils of Islam. Patriots can and must take a stance against halal certification by not buying halal-certified products. This is a time effective action whilst allowing for energy to be focused on decisive weak points.


  • Self-serving involvement lacking unity, intelligence and self-discipline.


         Example - Vulgar comments  

Many patriots don't support the quality work of others or use the movement to express personal life frustrations making no constructive impact. Quite often a vulgar post or comment attacking mohammed receives more support on social media than a quality educational post containing a strategic action task. Too many patriots support vulgarity over knowledge and action.


‘When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser’ (Socrates).


  • Targetting issues protected by the Australian Constitution; Commonwealth or State/Territory laws.


         Example  - Mosques

Whilst frustrating how mosques are being built across our country, much time and energy can be wasted concentrating vast amounts of manpower, resources and time against mosques whilst Islam is protected by Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia. 

Numerous Patriots spend considerable time and energy protesting against mosques for a limited or superficial win, as the mosque can simply be built in an area where council regulations permit it or are built in another suburb. The current interpretation of Section 116 of the Australian Constitution allows religious freedom for a mosque to be built.  Liberalists who support Islam and freedom of religion support the building of mosques.


However, a focused powerful campaign exposing Islam's abuse of women and children under Sharia challenges the core principles of Liberalism – Liberty (Freedom) and equality. Human rights come before the rights of a religion or in the case of Islam a political ideology with religious aspects.   Awakening Liberalists to Islam's abuse of women and children under Sharia against the core principles of Liberalism will result in many more citizens speaking up against the building of mosques that implement Sharia in a local area. The increased volume of concerned citizens, as Liberalists and Conservatives speak up against a potential Sharia-promoting mosque which, supports the abuse of women and children will be a factor politicians will need to pay attention to. Does Section 116 provide religious freedom to Islam and the building of mosques when mosques promote Sharia which supports abuse to women and children?


  • Debating the far left


"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience"  Mark Twain


Numerous Patriots waste time and energy having a very little impact or influence as they argue and name call with members of the left. Patriots when engaging with the left must focus on the one great decisive aim which is to awaken Liberalists to the truth about Globalism, Marxism and Islam. Vulgar language, name-calling and aggression achieve nothing and strengthen the position of the enemy as Liberalists are turned away by what they deem as uneducated far right responses. Patriots must focus on challenging members of the left with the truth supported by evidence. Once the point has been made and possibly defended with further evidence to challenge potential Liberalists viewing the comments, move on to the decisive weak points (Focus Target Areas) which have been identified which work towards achieving the one decisive great aim which is:  "Challenge/Awaken Liberalists and empower Conservatives to speak up and both unite as a powerful force against the attack on Western countries by Globalists, Marxists and Islam, which threaten a nations sovereignty, freedoms, values, culture and the safety of the people".


  • Acting as 'Social Media Keyboard Warriors' (Don’t act outside the safe boundaries of Closed Patriot Facebook Groups or other social media forms i.e. MeWe)


'Social Media Keyboard Warriors' includes and is not limited to patriots who:

  1. Join multiple Facebook Groups and surf through Facebook Pages and don't contribute to the movement 

  2. Gather knowledge but never act on it.

  3. Like but don't Share material.

  4. Lack of any action beyond social media

  5. Posting material or making emotional and at time vulgar comments that serve no real purpose other than self-serving needs.

  6. Listening to youtube clips with no follow-up action.



Rule 4  Follow up successes with the utmost energy moving to the next tactical focus target area


  • The patriot movement must achieve a great victory to win public opinion to the movement. This victory must then be built upon to achieve related and more significant victories. (Example - As a threat to security ban ANTIFA wearing face coverings followed by advocating the banning of Islamic face coverings.


Cultural Marxists have been successful in applying this rule as they quickly move from one left-wing identified oppressed group to another after achieving success. The Left in Australia had a significant victory with the success of the “YES” vote on the issue of marriage equality (Same-Sex Marriage) and have quickly used this as a platform to push for the change of values and culture in acceptance and regulations relating to transsexuality and gender identity in children.

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