The Marxist ALP / Greens Alliance

In 2019 Australia faces a great danger it may never recover from if it elects the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to government. Australia will take a sharp move to the left as the socialist ALP and communist Greens are both left wing political parties in alliance, implementing a Marxist political agenda. Evidence of this alliance includes the ALP's focus on Identity politics and climate change, both Marxist Globalist policies from the left.


Over One hundred million deaths in the past 100+ years is evidence of the dangers and destruction caused by socialism and communism. 


Australian's must stop the move to the left by voting for Conservative political parties. Traditional Labor voters must awaken that the Labor Party is no longer focused on the best interests of the worker.  

Cultural Marxism



A recent survey in Australia found 16% of young people will vote for The Greens at the Federal election.

We all need to take the time to awaken young voters to the truth about socialism, the political ideology of the Greens. Too many young votes unknowingly going to a political party which will undermine their future.

Unfortunately these votes will flow onto Bill Shortens Cultural Marxist ALP if we don’t awaken a generation brainwashed by a left wing education system and left wing media.

"Only the treasonous, treach­erous or extremely dumb would wish a Shorten-led government with its ­demonstrably nation-destroying economic and environmental policies on Australia and don’t even mention the social policies which the Greens are ­demanding for their support".

Piers Akerman, The Sunday Telegraph April 28, 2019

Australians really need to really think about what they are voting for.

If you love our country as it is and don’t want it to change, why would you vote for a socialist who will implement both cultural and economic Marxism?

A person with some moral integrity should be Prime Minister.
How could anyone with moral integrity even consider voting for an alleged rapist who made another woman pregnant whilst still married? 

Shifty Shorten is his name and only a clown would vote for him.