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To Implement the Truthophobes Strategy to defeat islam and Cultural Marxism, strategic action tasks have been planned for each day of the week. The intention is patriots use the knowledge they have gained, as members off social media groups, to awaken politicians and citizens

to the evils of islam and Cultural Marxism.


Patriots each day, consistently contributing in large numbers will culminate in something big.


With patriots uniting and exposing the truth about islam and Cultural Marxism, politicians will be forced to listen and act on the will of the people as the masses awaken to the threat facing our country.


(Bruce Knight Leader of the Truthophobes)


To awaken the masses Patriots must go onto public forums to expose the truth about islam and Cultural Marxism


Posts and comments in Closed Facebook pages help to educate further those awoken the the threat of islam and Cultural Marxism.  However precahing to the converted is not going to awaken the masses.

islam and the lies of the Left must be challenged and exposed on mainstream media pages so millions of Australians each day can potentially be exposed to the truth

Please click on the button to find information to assist you with this task

Exposing the true character of mohammed is the key factor in stopping the islamisation of the West. The fact islam kills people to protect mohammed's image is evidence in itself that exposing his character is damaging to islam.

Each day as you perform the "Under the Spotlight" Task or peruse other media pages, expose the truth about mohammed. Write in the comments section and show how moslems today are emulating mohammeds character and lifestyle with their barbaric actions.

Please click on the button below to assist you with the types of comments you may choose to write.

islam reclassified to a political ideology with a religion attached is the way to cut islam down. Once islam loses its religious classification it will no longer be protected by Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia.


MY WILL MONDAY send a letter to a politician each Monday

Letters already written for many concerns can be found on the Truthophobes Web page


Tuesday is Ladies Day with the Press

Expose over Mainstream media pages and Womens magazines the truth about islams crimes against women and little girls. Expose the truth the Left Wing Cultural Marxist media wont report. The truth the once powerful Feminist movement is silent on, as it has been hijacked by the left-wing political agenda

Please click on the buttons to find information to assist you with this task

“Lots of little things make something big”

Just imagine how much truth would be exposed if every patriot took just 2-3 minutes out of their day to make 1-2 comments on a mainstream media page


Wednesday Walk and Exposing Cultural Marxism and Globalism

Get off the keyboard and get some exercise by putting information exposing the truth about islam in letterboxes


Just 50-100 houses each week, it doesn't take long and its even quicker if you put the pamphlets in home unit letterboxes

On the First Wednesday of each month a pamphlet will be posted at 7am EST on the Truthophobes Community Page


Thursday Share the Truthophobes #Campaigns

Promote the selected Truthophobes #Campaign for the day or select a campaign you would like to promote.  Every Thursday at 7am EST on the Truthophobes Community Page a #Campaign to promote is announced.

  • Post the Campaign memes on FaceBook, Twitter and other forms of social media.

  • Post the pictures on mainstream media pages

  • Email a meme to politicians or post on their

      Facebook page.

#Campaign memes can be found on the Truthophobes Webpage under the "Campaigns" Tag  

Click on the Below Pictures and you will be taken to the Campaign Page


Sharia Friday Night Media Blitz - expose the truth of sharia law

Whilst moslems plan jihad in mosques on the Friday night patriots will be bombing a media page at 7pm exposing the truth about sharia law that moslems want to impose on us.

The aim is that 1000's of patriots hit the media page exposing political islam and what sharia law will mean for the way we will be permitted to live under islamic rule.

A media page will be selected to target just before 7pm each Friday night and will be announced on this page

The following links will hep you with information and memes you will be able to us to post on the mainstream media pages


Weekend Read

It is suggested patriots spend Saturday and Sunday doing their your own thing to expose the truth, however consider taking time out to read a quality book about islam or watch Bill Warner and David Wood youtube clips.


Reading quality books and watching youtube clips by some of the best patriots in the business will increase
your knowledge and understanding, giving you armour and weapons of truth to fight agains islam and the Left.

It is recommended that all Truthophobes take the time to read Harry Richardson's Book

"The Story of Mohammed islam unveiled".


You can download a free copy from this link






Over the weekend take the time to checkout the Truthophobes Website a site internationally recognised by the 

The Truthophobes Website has been set up as an educational and activist page against islam Cultural Marxism and Globalism. Use the material on this website to expose the truth on mainstream media pages and send letters expressing your will to politicians.

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