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“To challenge and expose islam's allies, Left Wing (Cultural Marxist) 

and Globalist traitors!” 



 “Expose and challenge political thinking of Cultural Marxism, which foolishly supports the growth of

islam as a tool for the eventual overthrow of Western Civilisation, by cutting Judeo-Christian roots via

“a long march through the institutions”

TRUTHOPHOBES: Exposing Cultural Marxism Group is a Sub Group of

Truthophobes: Exposing islam, Cultural Marxism & Globalism 


TRUTHOPHOBES: Exposing Cultural Marxism is an ACTION Group working both In and Outside of Facebook to achieve the Truthophobes Aims and Main Objectives,


To achieve the Aim and Main Objective the TRUTHOPHOBES: Exposing Cultural Marxism Closed Sub-Group will implement sections of the Truthophobes Strategic Plan:

  • Awaken people to the political left wing movement, Cultural Marxism and expose the truth of the Cultural Marxist agenda.     


  • Defend Western Culture from the threat of Cultural Marxism and islam.


  • Defend the institutions supporting the Judeo-Christian values Western Nations were founded upon.  (e.g. the institution of the family)


  • Expose, Shame and Challenge Left Wing Cultural Marxist traitors who are prepared to sell out the welfare of Australians to gain political mileage to implement a Marxist agenda on the back of minority groups such as islam and gays, as well as attacking Western culture and the Judeo-Christian values it was founded on. 

(political parties, politicians, organisations, businesses, the media religious, educational institutions supporting and promoting Cultural Marxism. 


  • Challenge, Shame and Awaken the Feminist, Gay and Animal Liberationist Movements. Movements now hijacked by Cultural Marxism, having abandoned the groups they once represented to now promote islam and the Marxist agenda.


  • Awaken Liberalists supporting Cultural Marxism and islam to the truth so they will not be played for “useful idiots” – People who unwittingly push noble ideas and defend noble acts at the detriment of the nation and themselves.

  • Quash Left Wing Liberalist and Marxist labels of "racist", "Bigot" and "Islamophobic”,  strategic weapons to silence the truth.

  • Expose the truth about social & political issues the left wing media won't report.



To implement the Truthophobes Strategic plan the TRUTHOPHOBES: Exposing Cultural Marxism sub-group will:


  1. Develope video clips exposing the Cultural Marxist agenda (e.g. videos exposing the      Safe Schools Program.

  2. Expose and refute leftist media bias, misrepresentation and lies by alerting patriots to the

      source of the media article in question, with patriots responding with comments informing

      and educating readers to the truth.

  3. Inform and hold to account political parties, politicians, organisations, businesses, the

      media, religious, educational institutions (i.e. universities) undermining the Judeo-Christian

      values by: writing letters and communicating concerns via talk back radio, Facebook, Twitter

      and other mainstream and social media channels.

 4. Expose the truth of the left wing Cultural Marxist Agenda and challenge Liberalist thinking

     through the following Truthophobes #Campaigns (updated regularly with new material)







#PCkills     ​






   5. Design and deliver pamphlets alerting people to the dangers of Cultural Marxism and the

       folly of Liberalist thinking supporting Cultural Marxist Critical Theory (i.e. islam,

       islamic immigration, homosexuality, gender fluidity, feminism ……..)


   6. Develop other creative ways of speaking up and advocating against Cultural Marxism:



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