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TRUTHOPHOBES : Exposing the Truth about islam FACEBOOK GROUP RULES

1. No Leftists or apologists for Islam allowed, eg. Greens supporters.

2. No Moslems allowed.

3. No White Power or Nazi imagery.

4. No slander against any other religions or people who do not believe in a religious deity. 
   (Our focus is to be united in exposing Islam not being divided because of our varying beliefs)

5. No racist comments, eg. Sand niggers (there are non-Moslem Arabs too).

6. No posts that preach hatred to Moslems or encourage physical violence to any Moslem. Strong criticism of the Islamic                 Ideology is encouraged.

7. Vile and crude language are not to be used. (It actually detracts from what you are saying)

8. Show caution with posting pictures and video clips. A sense of humour is one thing but crude and vile material is not to be           posted.       (We don't want to lose respect as a group by the way we portray our message)

9. Where possible include a source when posting.

10. Actually click on the links and read articles before commenting.

11. Show tolerance to one another and don’t be too precious. We all come from different backgrounds and views on life.

12. No infighting with other members. Be gentle but firm in your opinions with group members. Express your views whilst                   allowing for alternate views to be voiced. Speak out if you have an issue, explaining why you do, and offer solutions with             reasons as to the impacts of following the course in question. Allow for responses and be accepting that others have their           views based on beliefs and experience. 
      If it cannot be resolved, don't leave the group, speak with any or all of the Admins.

13. Respect the Administrators decisions. 
      - If the administrators see a post they feel is inappropriate they will message you privately and ask for it to be                                  deleted or simply delete it
      - If there are comments on an appropriate post, the administrators reserve the right to challenge the views being                             advanced and will delete individual comments if necessary.
      -  Administrators will always endeavour to be fair and respectful 

14. Keep focus on the aims, objectives and strategy of this group with the Posts and comments that you make. 

      Aims -

      Objectives -

      Strategies -



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