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              (From a Truthophobes member)

"Something Trump said earlier this year really moved me personally, he said "I don't have to do this, I've won in this life. I've succeeded, I don't need to run for president, but America needs me to. I'm not doing this for myself, I'm doing it because the American people need me to do it".

This is so moving because it's the truth - Donald has money, he's succeeded in life to the highest degree but he's choosing to put all of his money, his reputation and his life on the line for his people. If that's not love I don't know what is.

And while Hillary and her gang of foreign owned bureaucrats are funded by international corporate warmongers, Trump pays his own way, he uses his own money and the money from his supporters to fund his campaign. 

This guy has a heart of gold".


Written By: Ed Ballinger




With a Hillary administration we will begin to feel the full effects of the globalist agenda for their new world order. Their intentions is to crush Christianity using Islam as a weapon against Western civilization is chilling. Hillary was principal in creating the conditions for the deaspora of millions of Muslim In order to spread them out among western nations. Bush began the process with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the destruction of Iraq. Our military has been used as a tool to overthrow secular middle eastern countries for the creation of a Islamic caliphate stretching across the Middle East with the destruction of Lybia and Iraq and now Syria.


The invasion of Europe by young military aged muslims is no accident, but a calculated plan to establish a greater caliphate spreading throughout Europe.

With Hillary and Obama working in concert with the Saudis, Qatars to fund ISIS and AL Queda to accomplish their goals of world domination. Syria the last vestige of secular government will perhaps be the end of us all.

Russia and China are drawing a line in the sands of Syria to stop the Sunni and globalist agenda. Regardless a Islamic republic will emerge either under the banner of Iran or Saudi Arabia.


In the meantime Hillary has been meeting with the OIC the United Nation block of the 57 Muslim nations to discuss which parts of our constitution will need to be eliminated or changed in order to accommodate Sharia law in the United States. With a hand picked Supreme Court the first order of business is elimination of free speech. As alluded to by DOJ head Loretta Lynch and Obama any negative language that disparages Islam will become a crime, regardless of what was said is true or not.

As American what can we expect next ? 

We can expect an end of our 2nd amendment rights under the constitution, making owning a gun a criminal offense.

Expect Millions of moslems to be imported and spread out throughout our cities and towns small and large. Expect the building of armed camps called mosques they will build thousands with Saudi Arabia promises to provide 38 Billion $$$ for their construction. 

We will experience what is like to live under Sharia Law, or be executed for our religious beliefs. FEMA camps will be full of those resisting the Muslim conquest. The "Strong Cities" charter with the UN will result in UN military occupation and disarming of our citizens.

There will be NO ONE to save us from our fate, as Europe, Canada, Australia will be under the same yoke of oppression.

Then when the time is right the call will be made by the caliph and the Imams for TOTAL Jihad, the same call that was made in Saudi Arabia in the Jewish cities of Mecca and Medina 1,400 years ago resulting in the slaying of the Jewish inhabitants and the women taken for sex slaves. 

What I have described is the ultimate goal of Islam and the globalist. Their success will largely be determined by our level of awareness to their plans. 

They are living among us now with the Muslim Brotherhood preparing the way for our acceptance of Islam as a religion of peace. They have access to our highest levels of government, they have infiltrated every segment of our society. The director of the CIA is a convert, the top advisors in homeland security are Muslim, our president is a Muslim and his number one advisor is Muslim, Hillary's to be Chief of Staff is one, they have infiltrated our FBI, the Pentagon, our department of defense.

They sit as judges in our courts and they are also members of congress.

They have infiltrated our universities with Muslim Brotherhood chapters in every major university n America.


Listen to Donald Trump "the "snake" he is very much aware of what the globalist and Islamist plans are for Western civilization. Putin of Russia is aware and the Chinese are aware of their plans. As Putin told Obama he questions why america is "dancing with the devil". He is alluding to the fact that it is the United States and our NATO allies who are allied with ISIS and 

AL Queda to overthrow Syria.

It is hard to comprehend that we would provide arms and materiel to the same people who were responsible for 9/11.


Tomorrow we will know if we are to live as free Americans or perhaps die at the hands of the globalist and Islamist.

The choice is your to make.








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