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All Sub-Groups have a special focus 


1. My Will - Islam Reclassified by the Constitution (Truthophobes)


  • Advocation for the reclassification of an unreformed islam to a political movement with religious aspects so it loses its religious protection by the Australian constitution (s116). 

(Islam is a totalitarian, political and militant ideology with religious aspects).

       islam does not deserve protection under the Australian constitution (s116) by                               masquerading as just another religion when it quite plainly is not. Stalin's Russia, Hitler's             Nazism, Mao's China would NOT be considered compatible with our way of life, so why               are we being told that islam is?


  • Expose and prove the crimes of islam and challenge its protection under the Australian constitution (s116), as there is no way to legalise crime.


  • Advocate for the banning of the Medina quran which violates Australian laws as it is a holy book moslems act on when performing acts of terrorism.


  • Monitoring accountability to the Australian Constitution and the laws of the land by politicians, judges, the police force and other government agencies

(ie Section 44 there should be NO moslems in the Federal Parliament).

  • The voice of the people to politicians: 
    a. exposing the truth about islam, challenging its privileged position and threat
    to this nation.
    b. Exposing and objecting to the left wing Cultural Marxist agenda and its threat to freedom and our democratic country.

(The group prepares "My Will" letters for the Truthophobes Network on various aspects of islam Cultural Marxism and Globalism and sends them to ALL levels of Government in Australia, as well as the Monarchy and the Governor General).


  • Advocate to the Australian Government to designate the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb ut-Tahrir as international terrorist organisations.


  • Advocate for immediate action by the Government to act on the findings of the taxpayer-funded Senate inquiry into the Third-party certification of food.



2. TRUTHOPHOBES: Exposing Cultural Marxism


 An ACTION Group working both IN and Outside of Facebook, to:


  • Awaken people to the political left wing movement, Cultural Marxism and expose the truth of the Marxist agenda.     


  • Defend Western Culture from the threat of Cultural Marxism and islam.


  • Defend the institutions supporting the Judeo-Christian values Western Nations were founded upon.  (e.g. the institution of the family)


  • Expose, challenge and shame Left Wing Cultural Marxist traitors who sell out the welfare of Australians to gain political mileage to implement a Marxist agenda on the back of minority groups such as: islam; homosexuals and transsexuals, as well as attacking Western culture and the Judeo-Christian values it was founded on.

(political parties, politicians, organisations, businesses, the media, religious and educational institutions supporting and promoting Cultural Marxism). 


  • Challenge, Awaken and Shame the Feminist, Gay and Animal Liberationist Movements. Movements now hijacked by Cultural Marxism, having abandoned the groups they once represented to now promote islam and the Marxist agenda.


  • Promote freedom of speech and empower the people to speak up against the evils of Cultural Marxism and islam, by discarding the left wing tactics of 'Political Correctness', which silences free speech. Cultural Marxism and islam grow when good people say nothing. 


  • Awaken Liberalists supporting Cultural Marxism and islam to the truth so they will not be played for “useful idiots” – People who unwittingly push noble ideas and defend noble acts at the detriment of the nation and themselves.


  • Quash Left Wing Liberalist and Marxist labels of "racist", "Bigot" and "Islamophobic”,  strategic weapons to silence the truth.


  • Expose the truth about social & political issues the left wing media won't report.


  • Confront and challenge the credibility of the Left-controlled media (e.g. the biased ABC) as they promote the Cultural Marxist agenda, as opposed to reporting the truth of what actually happened   (i.e. expose the truth about islam the left wing media won't report)



3. Truthophobes: Christians Exposing islam, Cultural Marxism & Globalism


An ACTION Group working both IN and Outside of Facebook to:


  • Awaken Christians to stand up to the threat of islam and empower Church Leaders to speak up against islams undeserved, privileged position in Australia above all other religions.


  • Challenge islam's religious status by exposing how Christianity is a peaceful religion, operating within the boundaries of the ordinary laws of Australia, whilst islam is a violent religion which operates outside the boundaries of Australian law, as moslems emulate mohammed, are incited by Imams and act on the fundamental teachings of islam.


  • Defend Christian values from the agenda of Cultural Marxism and Globalism which aims to overthrow Western Countries, by cutting the Judeo-Christian roots via “a long march through the institutions”


  • Challenge and encourage Christians to speak up against Christian persecution, by exposing the silence of both the media and a government that gives foreign aid to countries that permit or turn a blind eye or to Christian persecution #STOPchristianpersecution


  • Educate and empower Christian's to reach out to moslem's and either convert them to Christianity or empower them to turn away from islam. 



4. Truthophobes - Exposing islamic abuse of women and children


 An ACTION Group working both IN and Outside of Facebook to:


  • Expose the horrific way moslem women are treated in islam.


  • Challenge moslem women to stand up against the barbaric and abusive behaviours of islam and not accept Sharia Law.


  • Alert Australian girls to the dangers of islam. 

    Australian girls seem to think there is something "exotic" about the moslem cult. It seems it is the "forbidden fruit".


  • Challenge the left-wing Marxist feminist movement for abandoning the welfare of girls and women being abused by islam for the Cultural Marxist identity politics of hating white men.



Please Note 

From All the Sub Groups posts feed:

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Say NO to Islamic Animal Cruelty - (Truthophobes / United Aussie Infidels)


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