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islam is mohammed. Islam has never changed. Islam will never change.

Australia has to change!


For Australia to change so that the islamisation of this beautiful country is stopped the Truthophobes Group have devised a planned strategy and network which unites the Truthophobes Group into a powerful force with specific Aims , Objectives and Target Areas of focus. To help implement this strategy the Truthophobes Group is in partnership with other patriot groups as a united force.


To stop islam and its influence the truth about islam must be exposed to the vast majority of people. With the full awakening of the Centre-Right and the eventual shift in Centre-Left Liberalist thinking, the pressure caused by the volume of concerned voters for the welfare of this nation will force political leaders to remove the blindfold and stand up to the threat that this nation is facing because of an unreformed Islam.










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Strategy to Awaken Middle Australia to the Threat of Islam and Stop the Islamisation of Australia 
  • Expose the True Character of mohammed and the violence and hatred contained in the 3 Books of Islam towards people who are not followers of mohammed.
    • Awaken Australians that mohammed is the perfect moslem and what that potentially means for our society (i.e. sexual molestation of young children)                                                                               
  • Expose Islam’s Crimes against humanity.  
    • The exposure of Islam on humanitarian grounds will open up the eyes of the Left Wing Liberalists as well as others on the political spectrum.
    • No religion of the 21st Century behaves like this.  Islam's Crimes against humanity are grounds for the  reclassification of an unreformed Islam to a religious cult.                                  
  • Reveal the truth of Sharia Law.
    • Its primitive laws, lack of tolerance and the abuse of  children, women, homosexuals and people not of the Islamic faith must be exposed to the population, so that the people will understand and then act on the threat of Islam to the welfare of future generations, democracy and freedom of speech.                                                                                                                        
  • Awaken people to the political left wing movement, Cultural Marxism and expose the truth of the Cultural Marxist agenda.     

  • Defend Western Culture from the threat of Cultural Marxism and islam.

  • Defend the institutions supporting the Judeo-Christian values Western Nations were founded upon.  (e.g. the institution of the family)

  • Expose, Shame and Challenge Left Wing Cultural Marxist traitors who are prepared to sell out the welfare of Australians to gain political mileage to implement a Marxist agenda on the back of minority groups such as islam and gays, as well as attacking Western culture and the Judeo-Christian values it was founded on. 

(political parties, politicians, organisations, businesses, the media religious, educational institutions supporting and promoting Cultural Marxism. 

  • Expose and shame the Feminist, Gay and Animal Liberationist Movements. Movements now hijacked by Cultural Marxism, having abandoned the groups they once represented as they applie "Critical Theory" to support the Marxist political agenda (ie, islam, homosexuality, hatred to white males)

  • Awaken Liberalists supporting Cultural Marxism and islam to the truth so they will not be played for “useful idiots” – People who unwittingly push noble ideas and defend noble acts at the detriment of the nation and themselves.

  • Quash Left Wing Liberalist and Marxist labels of "racist", "Bigot" and "Islamophobic”-  strategic weapons to silence the truth.

  • Expose the truth about social & political issues the left wing media won't report.

  • Challenge and confront moslem women for their acceptance and or involvement in the committing of abusive  behaviours condoned by Sharia Law.                                                                                        

  • To liberate and empower moslem women to stand against the humanitarian crimes that Islam commits.                 

    • The liberation of moslem women to speak up and challenge an unreformed Islam will be like a sword to the heart of Islam.                                                                                                              

  • Reach out to moslems and convert them to another religion or empower them to leave an unreformed Islam. 

    • A difficult task to have moslems leave a belief system that they have had all their life, for another.  However for ths to happen many would want a religious system to convert to.    Judeo-Christian is stil the prominent World religion in Australia.                                                           

  • Advocation for the reclassification of an unreformed Islam to that of an Ideology / Cult status so that it loses its religious protection by the Australian constitution (s116)

    • Islam is a Totalitarian, Political and Militant Ideology / Religious Cult.

    • Islam does not deserve protection under the Australian constitution (s116) by masquerading as just another religion when it quite plainly is not. Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Nazism, Mao's China would NOT be considered compatible with our way of life, so why are we being told that Islam is?







Animal Liberationists
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