Australia Unite against

Safe Schools, Gender Theory & CSE

(CSE = Comprehensive Sexuality Education)

Cultural Marxism

Australia Wide Rally 

21st April 2018

1pm at your State/Territory Parliament

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and other citizens

from across the social spectrum will come together

for the sake of all Australian Children

Save the date to join us if you say...

☆NO to Gender Theory

☆No to Lost Innocence & the sexualisation of minors

☆No to the Erosion of Parental Rights

☆No to the State Dictating Social Attitudes & Norms

☆No to the Degradation of the Family and Damaging Familial Trust


☆No to Non-consensual Sexual Indoctrination of Children

☆No to State Mandated Institutionalised Grooming

☆No to Anti-science Education

☆No to Politicized Classrooms & Activist Educators

We are fighting a Marxist ideology adhered to in the same fashion the devoutly religious cling to their beliefs. The fight will not be easy.

It is time to push back before we lose the right ... with the passing of same sex marriage , one of the last protections left open to parents and children has been removed. Our children deserve a childhood free of institutionalised political and social manipulation.

Safe Schools

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