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The Truthophobes have united with a number of Anti Islam Groups to form official partnerships where the Truthophobes Group is working on a joint activity or providing a service that other Groups can utilise to assist in the exposing of the truth about Islam



With the Official support of the Administration the Truthophobes is United with the following Groups to Expose the Truth of Islam  and to prevent the Islamisation of this country

PLEASE NOTE that the Truthophobes Group does not support the use of vulgar language or the preaching of hatred against Moslems.

The Groups Issue is with Islam and the evils of muhammed.

The Truthophobes are a strong United Group that provides leadership with the intention of playing a role in a peaceful solution to stopping the Islamisation of Australia.



Other Close Associations

  •  Canadians Against the IslamiSation of Canada

  • As well as numerous other Groups where members post on each Groups Page


To Stop the spread of Islam there must be a United front.  If you are the Admin of a Patriot Group, agree with the Truthophobes approach/group standards and would be interested in working in PartnersHip with the Truthophobes, please contact one of the Truthophobes Administration Team.



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