*CALL TO ACTION* PLEASE GET BEHIND, and VOTE for SONIA KRUGER -'WOMAN OF THE YEAR' Competition   Make sure you Click on LINK to do 1 vote in each category. 

The women magazine Cosmopolitan has a “Women of the Year” competition. 
A few days ago Cosmopolitan apologized openly that SONIA KRUGER was a nominee, and stated that they do NOT AGREE with her statements about islam, and they would have taken her out of the selection but printing was already in process! 
(They had no problems to nominate Chloe Morello (hijab supporter), Yassmin Abdel-Magied (Advocate for Open Borders) or others who openly support marriage equality). 

PLEASE get behind our campaign and vote as below (you can vote EVERY DAY again).
Get behind ****SONIA KRUGER****


Category 1: Social Media
Do NOT vote for Chloe Morello (hijab promoter) or Tash Oakley

CATEGORY 2: TV Presenter of the Year

Category 3: Radio Presenter of the Year
Vote for anyone

Category 4: Fashion designer
Vote for anyone

Category 5: Game Changer of the Year
Do NOT vote for Yassmin Abdel-Magied (Advocate for Open Borders)


Category 6: Artist of the year
Vote for anyone


Category 7 : Sportswoman of the Year
Vote for anyone


Category 8: Humanitarian of the Year
Vote for Stephanie Lorenzo (against human slavery and trafficking of women) or

Do NOT vote for Urge Dinegde (loves refugees)


Category 9: Entrepreneur of the Year
Do NOT vote for Rebekah Campbell or Cyan Ta’eed

Category 10: Actress of the Year
Do NOT vote for Pia Miller or Margot Robie

******Fill out the form at the end to finalise vote.....You will NEED to put a 'name' and 'valid email address', or up to you if you want to give your real details etc.

YOU CAN VOTE EVERY DAY AGAIN. Competition closes 8th October