Ever noticed how quiet Waleed Aly is after a terrorist attack?
Old big mouth goes missing in action.


Waleed Aly is dangerous as he deceives and corrupts impressional minds with his brand of islam. This is why Waleed Aly is a Truthophobes Target

There is NO such thing as a moderate moslem.

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Waleed Aly Exposed and Challenged by Andrew Bolt   https://www.facebook.com/theboltreport/videos/454862531538548/

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Waleed Aly why do you not condemn moslems who emulate mohammed by marrying young children and sexually abusing them. Surely little girls are more important than a ban on plastic bags?

Speak up and help stop the sexual abuse of moslem girls in Australia Waleed or do you support the actions of mohammed and moslems marrying child brides.



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Waleed Aly ate a Lindt bunny on live television proving that moslems don't need halal certification to eat any foods