Cultural Marxism

           "Agents of influence & useful idiots"

       from "How to be a useful idiot: Saudi funding in Australia"

                By Mervyn Bendle updated 29 September 2010 


The term 'useful idiot' is attributed to V. I. Lenin who used it

contemptuously to describe those Western politicians,

intellectuals, and public figures who supported the Soviet

Union while denying or discounting the atrocities associated

with the regime. It is now applied to the progressivist

defenders of Islamism.

islam uses the influence of left wing useful idiots strategically

located in key educational, political, and media positions to

increase its influence and power.

The question arises of why Islamism is defended by progressivists and the left, as its anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-modern, anti-intellectual, genocidal, misogynistic, homophobic, barbaric, violence-laden, theocratic, and apocalyptic nature is clear to anyone who studies the masses of Islamist material that have been produced over the past three decades and are increasingly freely available on the Web.

A useful explanation for the complicity of progressive and leftist forces with Islamism has been provided by Daniel Pipes, a leading analyst of global Islamism. Pipes identifies four main reasons for this 'unholy alliance':

(1) The left and Islamists believe they share the same enemies: Western civilization, especially the US and Israel; and international capitalism, which is identified with Jews and Zionism.


(2) The two groups share important political goals, e.g., an American defeat in the War on Terror, Afghanistan, and Iraq; and the destruction of Israel.


(3) Islamism has strong historic and philosophic ties to Marxism-Leninism, especially in their shared expectation of the imminent collapse of the capitalist West.


(4) Leftists and Islamists recognize that they have more power and influence operating together in an alliance, mutually supporting each other's ideology and political goals.

While these reasons are valid there are other, more venal ways (e.g., involving blackmail, vanity, ambition, sexual favours) to attract useful idiots and agents of influence prepared to promote totalitarianism, as the success of the KGB showed during the Cold War.

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